MMA in El Paso

What is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?

Mixed martial arts is the most effective system of hand-to-hand combat ever developed. Modern MMA relies on standup fighting techniques taken from boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing, and ground techniques based on jujitsu and Greco-roman wrestling. Combining these skills allows an MMA fighter to attack and defend wherever the fight may go. Currently, mixed martial arts is the fastest growing sport in the world today, and many people from all walks of life are taking an interest in the sport as a means to achieve their fitness goals or to fight in sanctioned competitions. Look for training centers in the El Paso area to start your training in MMA today!

Equipment Needed For MMA Training

Like most sports, mixed martial arts requires equipment that is considered essential for proper training. Bag gloves for hitting heavy bags, focus mitts and kick pads will be needed to protect the hands during rigorous training regimes. These gloves can be of the finger glove style that is similar to what is worn in MMA competitions, or of the regular boxing style. Sparring gloves are also needed for students who wish to practice their techniques against another students. Sparring gloves must be of appropriate weight, typically 16 oz, to protect both fighters from being injured during practice matches. Shin guards are also recommended to better protect the fragile bones in the lower leg and foot. Finally, a mouth guard and groin cup is essential for sparring, but is also recommended for use during other forms of training as accidental strikes often occur. Visit stores in the El Paso area that cater to fight gear, such as shops that carry boxing and martial arts supplies.

What To Look For In An MMA Gym

Finding an MMA gym is not always easy, as the sport has only been around, in official form, for a relatively short period of time. Start by looking for gyms that have clean and spacious training areas. Such gyms should have large floor mats suited for ground fighting exercises, and a ring or cage for sparring. Pay special attention to the club's selection of heavy bags. A good selection of bags will ensure that one is available during class time, and you won't have to rotate with many other students before you get a chance to train on it. These bags should be long enough to almost reach the floor. Such bags are well suited for kickboxing training where the low kick is heavy used.

When searching for a gym, makes sure to choose one with experienced coaches and students. For MMA training, you will need a kickboxing instructor with actual ring experience. This trainer should be able to demonstrate how standup techniques are best integrated with other forms of fighting common to MMA, such as clinch fighting and ground fighting. For grappling, it is essential to find a competent jujitsu instructor. Often, Brazilian jujitsu practitioners are belt certified. Try to find clubs that have brown or black belt level jujitsu instructors. These coaches should know how jujitsu fits within the larger MMA framework, and they should teach classes where no gi (uniform) is worn to better simulate MMA fighting conditions. It is also important to learn Greco-roman wrestling techniques. Make sure your ground fighting coach is knowledgeable about wrestling takedowns and defense.

Finally, you can often tell the quality of a gym by the quality its students. Join training centers where serious MMA practitioners are current members. This will ensure that you have competent and motivated training partners to help you excel at the sport.

How to Buy MMA Clothing, Gloves and Gear?

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